Conservatory Construction Process

Building a conservatory doesn’t just add an extra dimension to your home - it can give years of pleasure. Our clients often have very specific ideas about their dream conservatories and it’s our job to help them turn these dreams into reality. So, once you’ve discussed what you want from a conservatory with our design team and approved the plans we draw up for you, what happens next? Take a look at our step by step guide on the construction process.

Stage 1 Stage 1 - dig out foundations for the conservatory
Prepare the site, dig the foundations, install drainage and pour in the concrete.


Stage 2 Stage 2 - construction of cavity wall for the conservatory
Construction of the dwarf cavity wall begins.


Stage 3 Stage 3 -preparing the conservatory floor
At the same stage, the floor slab is prepared.


Stage 4 Stage 4 -walls are built
Both the inner and outer leaves of the cavity wall are completed.


Stage 5 Stage 3 - conservatory frame assembled
We fit your conservatory frames and assemble the roof sections.


Stage 6  
We then install your roof sheets and also install the glass.


Stage 7 Stage 7 - finishing touches to your conservatory
Now we can go to work fitting out your pride and joy. This includes plastering the walls putting the finishing touches to it.

















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